The Grower Connection

Our roots run deep—both literally and figuratively. And because we’re owned and operated by growers, we know producing the finest products on earth begins at the source.

It’s all in the details.

Within our family of companies, we’re able to work from seed-to-shelf. This means we’re able to work directly on our farms or with our growers to develop new products from the ground up. We know where to start and where certain crops are best grown. We’re uniquely positioned to pull all of the little details together to bring the best products from our farms to your table.

Sustainability is our responsibility.

As growers, we’re passionate about producing healthy and nutritious products. But we also understand the intricacies of ethical and sustainable farming practices, and we take our responsibilities to the communities around us seriously.

For the sake of a healthier world.

Our goal is to get healthy and delicious products into the hands of consumers so we can be a part of creating a healthier world. We do this by making certain every crop is harvested at just the right time and handled with the utmost care. Because we know the result is an eating experience like none other.