A Passion Born From Struggle

Karen Avinelis, founder, president, and research & development director at Thomas Creek Farms, knows the value of clean and delicious foods.

An early struggle toward health 

Born with chronic health issues, she struggled with food sensitivities, digestion problems and obesity at an early age. Her teen years were filled with symptoms of depression, food sensitivities, renal issues, gastrointestinal issues, EBV, chronic fatigue syndrome and fibromyalgia. Finding few solutions with any lasting benefit, Karen began to accept that discomfort and fatigue would always be a part of daily life.

As a mother of two young children and the busy wife of a farmer, Karen began to monitor her diet for the first time. Quickly noticing a pattern of ingredients and additives that related to spikes in her symptoms, she began diligently attempting to avoid the problem foods.

She soon realized, though, that even many of the processed food products in grocery aisles contained the very things that she literally couldn’t stomach. Her options were limited. The fresh produce aisle became her focused area of food purchases.

Enjoying the benefits in “fresh” all year long 

Raised in a farming family and now married to a farmer, Karen knew the health benefits associated with the consumption of fresh fruits and vegetables they were growing.

What she needed to find, though, was a way to put these delicious fresh products into a form that would allow them to be enjoyed all year long without harming their nutritional value.

Harnessing science for good

Not long into her search, Karen came upon the freeze-drying and air-drying processes (which she had known since her years growing up in farming). She knew she had found a solution as she learned the science of the freeze-dry method of food preservation: without the use of food additives, the nutrients we need and the flavors we love could be both preserved and conveniently packaged.

Today, Karen and the rest of the Thomas Creek Farms family are proud to be your source of a wide array of value-added goods. High in nutrients and rich in flavor, our freeze-dried, air-dried and frozen products are natural, essential and delicious.