Sustainability is woven into our DNA.

Our passion is two-fold: Caring for and nurturing our environment. And its people. We do this by focusing on the plants we grow and using sustainable practices, from site selection to harvest. We also care about what sustains our employees and their families, the success of our growers and vendors, and our relationship with long-term retail partners and consumers.

Caring for our consumers.

We pride ourselves in letting our products’ natural flavor shine through in every nutritious bite. That’s why you’ll never find any unnatural oils or sweeteners on our productsjust natural, essential, and delicious fruit.

Caring for our resources.

We use quality fruit that’s not going to be sold in the fresh market to create delicious processed fruit products. We understand how precious our resources are and strive to care for and utilize our harvest to the best of our ability. We take what was once of little to no value and create an end product that delights the tastebuds of our consumers.

Caring for the land.

We care about everything required to sustain every piece of land we farm—from soil to plant and ultimately, to the grocery store shelf. This means focusing on soil management so we know we’re leaving each block of land better than we found it. What we do on the farm each and every day is a direct result of our care for our community, our total farming environment and all that we return back to the land.

A major part of our sustainability effort is our long-standing support of organic farming. Organic farming requires the use of an all-natural input system that ultimately enhances the farmer’s role as a wise and discerning steward of the land. It’s the process of working with the environment and the soil that makes the difference in organic farming. That’s why we believe in the change in farming philosophy that it represents.