Little did we know, way back in 2012, that our very first innovations project would be creating a frozen half wheel Navel orange slice for a food service application! Well, we spent approximately 14 long and grueling months of intense R&D figuring out how to make an easy-to-use frozen orange slice.

Today, this IQF sliced citrus product has become one of three citrus fruits in our frozen commodity program. Using the fruits that never make it to the fresh produce shelf is important to us as growers of fine quality citrus, blueberry, table grape and stone fruit crops.

What makes this particular citrus product so important?

I’m sure you have gone to the store to purchase supplies for a party or meal preparation and selected just the right piece of citrus fruit for your needs, a flavorful water dispenser or garnish or smoothie addition. By the time you get to use this select piece of citrus beauty it just does not look like it did when you first purchased it.

It’s started to decay; rind breakdown sets in and it no longer looks gorgeous and inviting. It looks tattered and tired. The fruit that started out beautiful on the fresh produce shelf gets thrown away before it can be used.

Well, this is the perfect solution, solving the need to throw away that decaying old exhausted-looking lemon, lime or orange again!

These sliced IQF citrus fruits make citrus easy!

IQF citrus slices can be easily used for:

Drink applications such as:

  • Hot tea: just pull a slice or two of lemon, lime or orange out of the freezer and drop it into your cup of tea! Umm… So tasty!
  • Iced tea: grab a couple of slices and throw it into a pitcher of back or herb tea and presto! You have a fantastic pitcher of beautiful icy yum without ever picking up a knife.
  • Your favorite craft brew or hard cider: just throw a couple of orange, lemon or lime slices in for a bright citrus flavor explosion!
  • Sangria: these slices make your favorite sangria just minutes away when coupled with a few berries, or other flavorful fruits.
  • Water dispensers: you are having a few friends over and you want to dress up your water a bit. No problem. Just grab some of these delicious IQF citrus slices from your freezer, remember no knives needed, and you have a flavor-filled refreshing color explosion on your kitchen counter, dinner table or patio table.

Smoothie mixes:

  • Any or all of these beautiful frozen citrus slices are easily dropped into a smoothie mix of choice resulting in high impact flavor without fuss or knives.


  • Sliced frozen citrus slices are a quick and easy addition to any appetizer where a touch of tangy pop (acidic influence) is needed.


  • Salads can always use a little more pizzazz and the bright citrus colors will make every salad come alive with robust flavors while showing off their beautiful shades of natural sunshine.


  • These sliced citrus fruits are easy and quick additions as toppings, or flavor enhancers to any baked, broiled, stir fried, or Bar-B-Que meal.


  • The perfect edible garnish is as close as the freezer without fuss or muss! Citrus slices add their magical flavor intensity to cheesecakes, scones, muffins, puddings, pies, cakes, tarts, and cookies. You name it and IQF citrus slices get it done!


  • Snacks were never this easy before discovering these safe and easy-to-eat frozen citrus slices. These slices can be chopped, diced, blended, or just eat the entire slice. Navel half wheel frozen slices make a fantastic “after the big game” snack for kids. We call them “orange popsicles.”

Finally, here is one of the best aspects of these frozen citrus slices: Nutritionally they are inherently high in fiber, Vitamin C, B-complex Vitamins, potassium, calcium, iron, flavonoid antioxidants and limonin, while being low in calories and fat-free.

Well, we could keep on going with creative applications, and the plain truth about our IQF citrus slices. I know you’re getting the idea. So many fun food creations are possible with IQF sliced citrus fruits. No knives, no waste and no time spent wondering what to do with left overs.

You can find the IQF citrus at and we can introduce you to our food safe and easy-to-use lineup of IQF citrus slices today!

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