Air-Dried Fruit

The process

The process of air drying starts with a thoroughly washed and cleaned food product. Product is placed on a stainless-steel drying rack in a single layer and fit into a stainless-steel cart that is rolled into a dehydrator tunnel with warm air circulating through it. (The drying time and air temperature is dependent on the particular product being dried.)

This air flow process removes approximately 70-80% of the moisture in the food product. It does NOT remove the bound water (the water inside the cell structure of the product) in order to maintain a tasty and delightful eating experience.

Removing the bound water can cause the sugar inside the product to become crunchy, often tasting burned and lifeless. This degree of water removal can alter the product’s just-picked flavor. Air-drying is just one of the many ways we are able to provide farm freshness in a shelf-stable form.

The final product

Typically, air-dried products are moist and chewy, more compact than fresh-picked, durable, and full of natural flavors and sugars. We recommend storing our air-dried products in its tightly closed package in a cool dark place. Refrigeration will allow you to enjoy its robust qualities for a longer period of time.