Summer is upon us! This means it’s the perfect time to prepare store shelves for moms and dads who will be searching for healthy summer snack items for their kids.

Some items that parents (and kids) will love:

Individually quick frozen fruit (IQF)

Sliced IQF citrus slices are a perfect item for soccer, volleyball and baseball camp moms and dads searching for an alternative healthy, fun and tasty snack for their young athletes following a game. IQF navel orange slices are an easy and delicious way to add vitamin C and fiber to snack time. Our IQF lemon, lime and orange slices add intense citrus flavor to a water dispenser on a picnic table—or even to a sangria pitcher on a relaxing summer evening.

Freeze-dried citrus fruits drink inclusions

Our freeze-dried orange, lemon and lime slices are perfect for drink inclusions of all kinds. From an exciting and colorful addition to a water or drink dispenser to the creation of that perfect “detox water” selection, freeze-dried citrus possibilities will delight customers and keep them coming back for more! Freeze-dried means no mess, no fuss—just plain citrus goodness as you open the package and toss the slices into your chosen container

TCF oranges-0886_webSustainability matters

More than ever, consumers are interested in knowing how a product they purchase is grown and where it comes from. They’re curious about the grower and his or her story. Because we know our citrus fruits from the ground up, we can be certain the very best end product is available for you to add amazing flavor and eye appeal to your product needs and the fruits’ final destination food inclusion.

We start by choosing the right ground on which to grow our crops. We feed our plants exactly what they need at just the right time to ensure a healthy and thriving tree/plant root system that’s able to convert our cultural inputs (nutrients our trees need to set fertile blossoms ready for honey bees and native pollinators) into the healthy and taste-filled fruit you receive in your package.

We believe in true sustainable, cultural practices in each of our fields. Because we regularly test the water, soils and leaves that feed, house and make up our trees/plants, we know what our fields need to foster healthy soil microbes that work hard to make each valuable essential plant nutrient readily available throughout the 12-month growing cycle.

Fields that are alive with vibrant health make the soil a perfect environment for trees to produce to the best of their inherent ability for years to come.

By introducing beneficial insects in fields, we help destroy the pests that attack our trees and cause damage to leaves, blossoms and fruit.

As growers, we understand our responsibility to prudent use of all inputs needed to keep our groves healthy and productive season after season, year after year.

Ensuring TCF frozen-8418_webquality

By selecting only the finest citrus fruits and harvesting each piece of fruit at just the right time, we can ensure customers get the best value possible:

  • Quality: both rind and flesh
  • Absence of insect damage and decay: we know what to look for
  • The very best flavor: Testing Brix and acid, which equals flavor
  • Intense color: means more eye appeal

From shelf to table: getting products your customers want into their hands

If you have a product idea, let’s make it happen! The Thomas Creek Farms R&D team specializes in developing a host of innovative products in a private label format to add new and exciting choices to new product lineups.

For example, adding freeze-dried citrus slices into a product or alongside a product gives customers an alternative way to enjoy healthy, essential citrus flavors and nutrients anytime, anywhere!

Freeze-dried orange, lime or lemon slices can be added to your grocery shelf in a bulk foil package to enable customers to enjoy all the wonderful qualities of citrus fruits in various drink or culinary applications.

Let us know how we can help! If you have an idea or are looking for innovative ways to include fruit into your products, contact us today for a free consultation.



  • I was interested in your freeze dried oranges, are these in wedge form, with peeling? And how much are they, and can you order on line

  • Robert Elgood says:

    i ‘m looking to import
    freeze dried lime lemon and orange wheels to Canada

    • Thomas Creek Farms says:

      Hello Robert,
      Thank you for reaching out and expressing interest in Thomas Creek Farms products.
      I do have some questions,
      1. What would the total pounds by month and/or year be?
      2. What application would be used for the Freeze Dried Citrus slices?
      3. Please tell me about your company

      I look forward to hearing back from you.

      Thank you,
      Ashley Aguilar
      Customer Sales Services

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